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ELS is an experimental musician based in London. 

A collaboration with Cucina Povera ‘The Oystercatcher’ is out now on Editions Mego.

The LP is Preceded by 3 self-released cassettes.

As well as making solo music, ELS is one half of Darkwave/Industrial duo CIRCUIT BREAKER with his brother Peter Simpson.

Photo by Harry Taylor


The Oystercatcher - Editions Mego 2020 - LP/DL

The Oystercatcher is out now.
Please visit the Editions Mego Bandcamp to buy.

A collaborative LP from ELS and Cucina Povera.


Guest mix for Joachim Nordwall’s lable, iDEAL RECORDINGS.

‘I went to find myself but I wasn’t there...’

Guest mix for Savage Serenity on Threads Radio with Tim Wilson (Outer Reaches)


Two Hour Special Guest mix for artist Diana Policarpo’s show Heretics on Rádio Quântica


The Oystercatcher
Cucina Povera & ELS
Editions Mego 2020
Mastered by Russell Haswell
Design by Edward Simpson

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The Oystercatcher is the first collaborative LP from Cucina Povera (Maria Rossi) and ELS (Edward Simpson)
Recorded in London over two days, hours’ worth of improvisations have been edited down to form these six tracks.
A fragile interplay is at work between Maria’s drifting vocals and the ominous churn of Edward’s modular synth. Each sonic element takes a turn at leading the way.
The opening track ‘Mantle’ is formed from sparse, monolithic electronics, woven gently with a thread of vocals. In the closing track ‘Eon’ Maria’s voice shepherds spontaneous bursts of sounds, almost Rave-like if order were imposed, through 15 minutes of turmoil and resplendent until the end.
Maria’s vocals make their own trails amongst the noise, bringing to mind the the exploratory language from Ursula K. Le Guin’s album ‘Music and Poetry from the Kesh’, recalling the same understated mystery.
The overall effect of this collaboration is a completely unique creation albeit within a recognisable lineage of predecessors.
The artwork reflects the vision of these two artists, collaged together. Both images are from a trip to Helsinki. Edward’s photograph of Tulips caught after dark are reviled by a flash. Maria’s seemingly abstract drawing is a graphite rubbing taken from a granite slab of a pavement somewhere in Kallio. Together the two images represent two different methods for capturing a city’s haptic landscape.
The album moves with a feeling of transience, which is no surprise given that the idea to collaborate was formed in Helsinki, realised in London and edited together in Rotterdam.
The Oystercatcher tells a fragile tale, one that spins out into the unknown. A cold union of voice and machine, still tentative and probing, learning to co-exist. A kind of fundamental shift whereby shared moments have been turned to sound.
The Oystercatcher is a bird that can freely travel between the earth, sea and sky. The motif is taken from a Tove Jansson short story. A dead bird washes ashore, two different versions of events are presented to how the bird came to die. The album feels like two different stories being presented on top of one another but ultimately coming to the same tragic conclusion.

Winters Split pt 2
Mastered By John Hannon
Designed by Edward Simpson

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Mirroring Part 1, the release is another 6 tracks of gloomy ambience and eerie electronics. The music seems to be caught midway between transformation They feel ethereal and elusive but their construction is simple and robust. They feel like song structures but are wordless.

Obviously influenced by techno, but not made for a club, the atmosphere conjured could prove too ominous for comfortable home listening. Clearly this is music designed to be listened to on some kind of subterranean mission.
Any acid-patterns are squelchy enough to bleed out entirely. The speed never entirely picks up beyond a disconcerting lope. A drum machine may appear in a hallucinatory guise, or maybe its the listeners mind playing tricks on them? The melodies seem fractured but not harsh and the entire audio spectrum is smeared from high fm sheen to rumbling bass.

Fans of the held-back elegance of Lussuria or Dedekind Cut will no doubt feel at home with this tape. Both Winters Split cassettes sit in a lineage of synthesiser works that probably begin with Manuel Göttsching’s proto-techno E2-E4. The propulsive and probing nature of the work does in fact recall the strand of Kraut-Rock which dispensed with the ‘rock’ entirely and jetted off to an entirely electronic hemisphere (Harmonia, Cluster, Schnitzler, et al). - Peter Simpson

Mastered By John Hannon
Designed by Edward Simpson

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‘Experiments Between…’ is a peek into the synth ‘sketch-pad’ of Circuit Breaker’s Edward Simpson. Diaristic in nature and unforgiving in presentation, we are given 4 snapshots of sounds at their most raw and un-selfconcious.

One can only assume that these ‘automatic writings’ might eventually serve as the ground-work for a track in Simpson’s post-punk band Circuit Breaker or even be woven into the fabric of of his dark-ambient project ELS.
Edward is a huge sci-fi fan and this short EP evokes alien technology failing to be tamed by humans. The instruments respond coldly, mechanically and without recourse to aural-pleasure. The (apparent) lack of author could even be a nod to the ultimate act of compositional Nihilism, ‘Metal Machine Music’, a record that certainly shares an aesthetic sensibility with these pieces.
The collection could be described as coming off like a home-spun GRM release, (the starkness of Ivo Malec springs to mind).The lack of humanity at the heart of it even recalls the industrial emptiness of the Eraserhead soundtrack.

Whether ‘Experiments…’ evokes avant-garde horror soundtracks, the bleakest sci-fi literature or even classic noise, its undoubtedly a key addition to an evolving body of work from an exciting producer. - Peter Simpson

Winters Split
Mastered By Stephen Bishop
Designed by Lewis McLean

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‘Winters Split’ is the first solo EP from ELS, one half of Circuit Breaker who have previously released on Harbinger Sound and Tombed Visions.

Through 6 tracks of introspective electronic music, ELS creates a withdrawn soundtrack of blissful synths and bleak rhythms. Melodic and melancholy in nature with creeping shades of beat driven ambience.



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